Brand expectation failing to match the reality?

Digital Marketing by Revital Agency helped AGORA Manufacturing, a custom soft goods manufacturer, gain a recognizable brand image to fit the quality of their products and establish a more efficient internal marketing infrastructure




"All 550 employees are now on the same page. We have a clear understanding of who AGORA is and where we’re going. Our brand identity has given us a compass to focus our growth and provided a path for our team to follow, including our purpose, core values and our vision of where we’re going."

- Phil Berg, Sales & Marketing





AGORA, an established company since 1985, required a more up-to-date image to match the excellent quality and innovative design of their products and services.

Before working with Revital, AGORA struggled to present a professional brand identity with consistency. As a result, marketing pieces were produced with no clear direction and internal branding efforts were not in sync, which resulted in a poor brand representation.



Agora Was a Cutting Edge Company, but the Brand Had Not Changed

Since the 80's.



Deliver a more effective marketing message with a consistent and appealing brand image that extends reach online through digital platforms.

AGORA’s sales team are now much more confident when approaching prospects. A stellar brand image and marketing system supports all sales efforts. In fact, AGORA’s new professional look has been recognized in national conferences such as the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) International Conference.


Revital Reworked AGORA's Style Guides, Logo and Brand to Speak to "Innovation".




AGORA found the greatest benefit in brand messaging. Locking in a style guide, brand identity and a clear message for creating marketing materials helped with consistency. Multiple team members can now produce marketing content following guidelines that yield a more consistent brand image.

Revital Agency reinvented AGORA’s brand image with a responsive web design and online pages rigged for conversions. AGORA now boasts digital and social media presence with a brand identity and marketing that speak directly to customers.


AGORA Leather because AGORA Edge, a "Cutting-Edge" brand to
match the products.




Revital Agency provided AGORA with a goal-based marketing strategy to raise brand awareness. Taking a digital approach to marketing and sales through data analysis allowed AGORA to track search terms and pages clicked by customer contacts. A simple content management system made for ease of autonomy and refinement with marketing.

AGORA says Revital has provided, “an engaged partnership based on results with a company that is aligned with our vision and growth goals. Revital Agency took the time to understand who we are as a company and where we want to go.”

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