Digital Marketing by Revital Agency helped Bay National Title Company, an independently owned national title insurance agency, expand from startup to industry leader, allocate top talen and establish a trusted brand online.




"The greatest benefit and advantage of Revital is their ability to articulate someone's vision and execute the plan. They can take what others have said is impossible, or doesn't make sense, and make it happen. I consider them a partner in what I'm doing and where we're going.
- Evan Grimm, CEO at Bay National Title Company





Revital Agency provided BNTC with a brand identity and marketing strategy that kick-started business momentum and opened a more comfortable path for scaling, recruiting and attracting quality partners and employees. With the help of Revital Agency, Bay National Title Company has established a solid system for client allocation and customer loyalty online.


BNTC gained more customers with a new look, logo and responsive web design



Bay National Title prides itself in providing excellence in customer service and Revital Agency made maintaining a good reputation and engaging potential clients easy with a more efficient online system.


With a solid marketing system and trusted brand, Bay National Title

expanded with new offices






"Revital tends to have a kind of unorthodox approach to marketing. They aren't going to cookie cut all of their methods like others I've worked with. Their approach to marketing is that every problem is unique, but it has a uniquely simple solution. They seem to enjoy taking a different path to a solution, while still being timely. That makes their work standout when compared to someone else's."
- Walter DeVenne, Client Success Manager





Bay National Title was experiencing rapid growth. The next step was hiring more employees to keep up with their business.


Bay National Title Company became an industry leader as one of the fastest growing companies in America



Revital conducted a candidate search with job ads that brought on employees who are now considered assets.


Bay National Title Company added 50 new employees to match
the pace of business



Bay National Title Company regards the uniqueness of Revital's approach and the ability to harmoniously anticipate and implement the next step to be the most valuable aspects of the business partnership.



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